Pinned Prism Rangefinder
Pinned Prism Rangefinder
Pinned Prism Rangefinder
Pinned Prism Rangefinder
Pinned Prism Rangefinder
Pinned Prism Rangefinder

Pinned Prism Rangefinder

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Color Green

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The Prism Collection Features

SLOPE: Have a downhill par 3 or an uphill approach shot? Don’t worry, we’ll do the math and give you the true distance with the slope accounted for.

BUILT-IN MAGNET: A super strong magnet that easily attaches to your cart, club or any other metal surface and NEVER FALLS OFF!

PINNEDLOCK VIBRATION TECHNOLOGY: Confidence is key. Never second guess your distance again. A short vibrating pulse assures you’re locked onto your target. 

USB-C CHARGE: Never buy another battery again. One 45 minute charge and you’re good for 60 rounds. 

AUTO OPTIMIZED DISPLAY: The display color will automatically change. If it's a bright day, the display will be black. If it's a darker day, the display will be red.

TOUR LEVEL ACCURACY: Distances down to the decimal with +/- 1 yard of accuracy.

TOURNAMENT LEGAL: With the ability to turn slope mode on and off, our Ace is 100% tournament legal. 

WATER RESISTANT: Built to withstand any type of moisture you come across out on the course. 

HD LCD DISPLAY: See your target and the course through our brand new crystal clear high definition display. 

1000 YARD RANGE: Never worry about a target being too far away. 

GUARANTEE: We stand behind our products 100%, get a 60 day, no questions asked money back guarantee and a two year manufacturer warranty! 

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